I, too, got hooked on Medium after reading an article by Umair Haque. It detailed everything wrong with America today. It detailed all the things I have noticed, but not put together. It was a convincing article.

But then, a year later, I read another of his articles. It was almost exactly the same. Well written, yes, but the same argument. I read another article. Same.



I couldn’t handle seeing the same article again. I un-followed him. It’s incredibly odd. He’s the reason I came to Medium, yet he’s the only person I have un-followed.

With over 2,000 followers, why was I seeing his stuff so much that I got sick of him? Medium must give more “weight” to the algorithms if you have a bazillion followers (which he does).

Un-following him has made room to see other voices (like you). I really like your random statements and easy, casual tone.

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