You’re the man. I’m so proud of you for not taking medication for your depression. I’ve heard that it wears off after awhile. Then you’re back in the same crappy place.

After my son was murdered, my neurologist said, “You must be depressed.” He gave me some random “Happy Pill.” Since I was a good American consumer, I took them.

They did not make me happy.

I am used to being super manic, charismatic, and hopeful. It feels pretty awesome. If that’s the price I pay for the bad days (though horrible), it seems like a fair trade.

The pills took my black and white days and made everything gray. Life felt blah. No more downs, yes.

But no more ups.

I didn’t refill that prescription.

One friend online said they were able to reduce their depression by about 80% by going low carb (Keto or Atkins). My depression was also greatly reduced by going zero carb (Carnivore Diet).

It’s not totally gone, but I have about two down days a week.

The other thing that helped is a lot of sleep (7-8 hours). I added a “relax” hour before bed to wind down. I also take Melatonin 30 minutes before sleep. Sleep (for me) is vital to fight my “down days”

But you!

You’re living one of my dreams! I love the idea of teaching in Japan!

And you’re going on another adventure! Train trip coast to coast! I got goosebumps!

If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, reach out and say howdy!

I downloaded the podcast and I’ll give it a listen. I agree that creative projects are brutally hard on down days. Then they are silly easy on up days. 🤔

Leverage those up days and give yourself permission to regain your strength on down days.

It’s wonderful to meet an intelligent friend ❤️

I like your philosophy. I’m going to start using it.

Life is short. Much love ❤️

Comic Book Writer ✨ Creator of THE THREE: King David’s Mighty Men… follow to watch the story UNFOLD online!

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