The SSDI Investor

Starting Date: 10/17/2021 (ish)
Current Day: 10/19/2021
Days Investing: 2
Investing Study: 2
Amount Invested: $137
Portfolio Value: $991.79
Gain: $674
ROI: 212.62%
ROI (annualized): 877.30%
Action Taken: Organized Portfolio Spreadsheet
Pile of money. Wouldn’t that be nice?
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Welcome to day two of my investing adventure! That’s not totally true. I’ve been doing this and that for…

The SSDI Investor

Starting Date: 10/17/2021
Current Date: 10/17/2021
Days Investing:
Investing Study: 1
Python Programming: 1
Amount Invested: ($100) Estimated
Portfolio Value: ($123.90) Estimated
ROI (annualized): (1,111.14%) Estimated
Action Taken: Bought RIBT (187 shares)
A close-up of a US penny
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You may have heard this one already. You might have already guessed the answer. Here’s the question:

Medium Earnings, November 2021

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I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting much. In fact, I wasn’t expecting anything. I remember my first month posting on Medium. I made 40 cents. To say that I expected a lot was an understatement.

After working hard for a few months, my earnings got up…

Thank you, K. for your thoughtful response (and the pocket follow!). I thought people would like to see my ROI progress as I went along. I didn't mean to come across as proud... I know it could all change tomorrow (especially in the current economy!).

I'll start looking for a mentor. I agree that I would learn things I can't find in a book.

Thanks for the advice!

The SSDI Investor

Days Investing: 3
Investing Study: 5
Amount Invested: $322
Portfolio Value: $1435.80
Estimated Time Investing: .5 years
Gain: $1113.80
ROI: 345.90%
Annualized ROI: 1,888.27%
Actions Taken: Checked current stock prices, added possible money sources to portfolio, balanced budget
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I’ve been faithfully reading my books on investing. I just finished A…


The SSDI Millionaire. Python programmer. Writer. Marketer. Artist.

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